“Previously, credit errors and reissues were sluggish, non-transparent and caused big delays, which is hard when you’re so emotionally attached. Now, everything is clear and done in real time. The minute something is submitted wrong, we get a new timesheet added straight away. Being able to do that within 10 minutes is incredible.”

Recare Recruitment has come a long way in a short space of time. Starting with one man and his laptop in January 2019, they now employ a full 365-day-a-year team, mainly supplying NHS nurses and healthcare professionals across the UK, from their HQ in Epping. 

They’re constantly looking for more modern ways of working, and after outgrowing their previous back-office provider – who happened to use Evertime – they began to shop around for software with the same capabilities. Realising that nothing quite compared, they signed up to an independent licence with Evertime SaaS in June 2022.

“NHS back-office requirements are huge”

Recare processes hundreds of timesheets weekly. It’s an increasingly busy, intense operation with a lot of data. Many of their clients want to be invoiced in different formats, but working out discrepancies is an equally time-consuming process for them, collating to lots of manual data entry and investigation. 

Evertime has helped them to streamline the reissue process while integrating with their current CRM. Now, the data exported from this system is converted seamlessly through Evertime to be sent on to Sage, preventing a double entry of data.

They particularly love our ‘Side by Side’ document processing, describing the feature as the “most important” to them. With it, they save masses of time by easily attaching invoices to the same document as the corresponding timesheets. Manually, this would be a huge scanning, printing and organising operation, which simply wouldn’t be possible for Recare on the larger scales they’re working towards.

Of course, Recare was already familiar with Evertime’s capabilities, but now they were going to be operating it themselves, it was important they hit the ground running.

“Monica (Implementation Manager) never makes you feel like you’ve asked a stupid question. And when she’s not here helping us in person, she can see what we’re doing on the account in real time. It freed up a lot of time for the business to grow, and made our lives a lot easier.”

Our implementation expert, Monica, conducted face-to-face training, spending many hours walking Recare through every eventuality. From general guidance, to focused problem solving, she removed any anxieties Recare may have had about operating Evertime independently. And this support hasn’t stopped. With or without Monica on site, we’re a phone call away with a dedicated team ready to resolve any issues.

Recare describes Evertime as “successful from the start”. With our time-saving software by their side, they’re massively expanding, continuously hiring new people, tapping into more areas of the UK, and amazingly, have just passed their first NHS audit with flying colours. 

“I can’t express how grateful we are for their service, they’re a complete asset to the company.”