National Payroll Week takes place from 5th–9th September. But if you want to keep growing your recruitment agency, you should prioritise this back-office function all year round.

We’re not saying you need to spend every day pulling yourself away from other business tasks. Instead, try investing in game-changing software that empowers your back office to run more efficiently, and can flex to support your growth and development.

Here, we share how Evertime can help you master your payroll and give your agency the freedom to thrive.


The importance of payroll


Payroll isn’t just a legal requirement. When it’s executed effectively, it allows agencies like yours to keep on top of all the moving parts, and keep on growing, without delaying your processes.

By not treating this process with the care and attention it deserves, you can find yourself getting bogged down with the volume and variety of formats it presents. Not only is this time consuming, it can distract you from maintaining other crucial areas of your business, and could affect your clients and contractors who expect an accurate and timely payroll service.

So, rather than spending money and resources hiring more people to keep up, why not look inwards at your current processes? Investing in powerful payroll software enables your existing team to run this part of your business with minimal hassle, and ultimate efficiency.


Save time with Evertime


Evertime is a Pay & Bill platform that streamlines your payroll and much more. Combining automation with the cloud, we’ll help you save time, save money, and grow faster. Here’s a snapshot of the benefits:

Payroll integration

Wondering how we fit in with your current setup? Evertime fully integrates with leading payroll software, allowing you to convert timesheets and payslips for seamless delivery, reissuing and reporting.

Side-by-side document processing

Easily attach invoices to the same document as the corresponding timesheets, cutting out a lot of labour, saving a lot of time, and making the subsequent payroll process so much smoother.

Timesheet app

Chasing contractors and dealing with different timesheet formats is easily manageable with our dedicated timesheet functionality. Additionally, you can turn a timesheet into a payroll in just six clicks, whether that’s for PAYE or umbrella. 


Watch core payroll processes happen automatically instead of spending precious time completing them yourself. It’s reliable, efficient, and helps you accomplish tasks more effectively.


Get up and running, fast


Our setup and support team will help you reap the rewards of Evertime right from the get go. The system is really simple to use, but should you have any questions or issues, our implementation team is always on hand to help, either in person or over the phone.

If you’re interested in a more free-flowing payroll service, call us on 01276 688 032 or fill in our contact form at the bottom of this page. We’re ready and waiting to support your growth.