“We actually found Evertime on Google and spoke to our current IT system provider to hear their thoughts. They were very positive. ‘Absolutely, we recommend Evertime! It’s the cleanest, most evolving, and ahead-of-the-game payroll software out there’ so we took a chance! And it’s the best move we ever made.” 

Mpeople Specialist Recruiters knows what it takes to support local businesses, and they’ve been doing it successfully since January 2007 from their offices in Oldham, Bolton and Leeds. They support a range of companies, placing permanent, contract and temporary workers around the country – from administrators to board-level appointments. 

After recognising they had outgrown their existing payroll software, they sought a leaner, more streamlined and cloud-based system to cope with their weekly payroll needs. It was a Google search that brought them to Evertime. Highly recommended by their CRM provider Firefish, who assured them of the easy integration, they contacted us straight away.  

“I don’t think you could have been taught on our old system inside three months, because it was complex and clunky.” 

For Mpeople, it wasn’t just about upgrading to a more modern software – it was about eliminating the drawbacks of their previous software, Tempaid. The server had been hosting Tempaid for 15 years and it was costly to run. Ideally, they needed to identify a solution which could provide pay and bill capabilities without having to replace the server. 

They also required a system that could improve everyday tasks like pensions and earnings reports. Previously they were completed manually, which was not only time consuming, but it meant new staff needed extensive training to understand it. Mpeople wanted an online solution that would save time and money, and streamline the whole process. 

“We literally jumped from one system to Evertime right before the Easter Bank Holiday.” 

Liz Harrison, Managing Director at Mpeople, gave the green light to switch over to Evertime at the beginning of the new financial year. Although sensible, the decision came with many challenges, including ending a payroll year in a day while managing new financial year imperatives. Not to mention switching over PAYE and tax details, and of course, preparing to pay everyone before the incoming Easter bank holiday.   

This is where our Customer Success Team proved invaluable. Monica orchestrated proceedings and Robin provided the boots on the ground to help guide the transition during a crucial week. Working with Carlton, a core employee within Mpeople’s Payroll and Finance Team – Robin jumped in to ensure a smooth and simple integration with FireFish, and an efficient onboarding process with their people.  

Thanks to her support, they became experts on the new software pretty much overnight. She quickly helped them to learn its capabilities, and guided them towards all the necessary tweaks and deadlines associated with the new tax year and incoming bank holidays. 

You can tell that they [Evertime] know what they’re doing in payroll.” 

Mpeople loves Evertime’s automation, versatility, and efficiency. The integrated pension portal and automatic attachment of earnings are great tools, and they particularly like how candidates can access their own timesheets without assistance. 

Teaching their Payroll and Finance Team to manage the platform in line with HMRC, pension, and other requirements is now much quicker and easier, allowing them to redirect their efforts back into other areas of the business.  

We’re pleased that Mpeople had such a seamless transition to Evertime, and continues to reap the rewards of streamlined back-office processes. 

“I would recommend Evertime, and I already have!”